HOPE Professional Development resources

We believe in the power of continuous professional development, and that educators learn from educators — take a spin through our modules, and put in a request for something you would like to learn about!

The focus of the HOPE Professional Development Resources is to provide pedagogical and instructional design supports that will help us achieve our vision of a free, publicly accessible, searchable library of curriculum designed for Hawaiʻi K-12 teachers and learners, authored by educators like you across public, private, charter, home and alternative education. Our hope is that this is an opportunity to grow a caring, resilient, inspired community of education practice across Hawaiʻi.

We believe that the approach and aim of a type of resource referred to as “Open Education Resources” or OER is part of the key to this process as it helps bring elements of our face-to-face collaborative community and our respect for genealogy of content to the forefront of our design process. We also spend time specifically on the differences between online and in-person delivery, to reflect on how our practices have changed over the past year — not just the uncomfortable and negative shifts, but also the positive shifts we have made in being able to offer resources and supports to youth in rural and distant communities, including those who have not been able to participate in full in-person instruction in the past for a variety of health, behavioral, and personal reasons.

Another major aim of HOPE Professional Development is to provide the framework needed for content creators to successfully meet the design requirement for the HOPE portal. Each of the PD focus areas supports a particular aspect of the Template; further supports and scaffolds are provided through discussion groups and office hours.

The PD Topics include:

  1. Intro to Open Education Resources
  2. Teacher as Designer of Place Based, Student-Centered Curriculum
  3. Principles of Effective Online Learning
  4. Empathizing with the Student Experience
  5. Pedagogy of the Student Experience
  6. Principles of Effective Curriculum Design – Online/Digital Focus
  7. The Tools and Add-Ons to Leverage Online/Digital features
  8. Assessments of the Student Experience – Online/Digital Focus