HOPE Process

From content creation to consumption, from professional development to curriculum resources — we invite you to join us in the journey.

There are 3 major strands of HOPE

Professional Development

Professional development in digital content consumption and creation, as well as pedagogical practices.

Content Creation

Content creation (curriculum development) by Hawaiʻi teachers to produce materials that have been tested in your classroom, and are offered to other Hawaiʻi teachers to adapt.

Content Institutes

Content institutes with subject-matter experts to gain content knowledge to inform curriculum development and classroom teaching.

Those who opt to enter into the Content Creation pathway will be invited to 1) Develop curriculum, 2) Test curriculum, and 3) Share curriculum through the HOPE public access portal. The process as well as the portal are in ideation-test-iterate mode in SY2021-22; we expect that improvements will be made with each group of teacher content creators, and are grateful for your feedback and suggestions.