About Us

HOPE is a partnership of the University of Hawaiʻi System, the Hawaiʻi Association of Independent Schools (HAIS), and the Hawaiʻi Department of Education (HIDOE), facilitated by Education Incubator. Funded under a larger initiative of the State of Hawaiʻi and the U.S. Department of Education through the Governor’s Office, HOPE is one of several programs meant to address various aspects of building educational resiliency and sustainability for Hawaiʻi schools.

On behalf of the leadership team of this Governor’s Emergency Education Relief Fund effort, we mahalo you for your dedication to providing high quality, Hawaiʻi-grounded content and experiences for our Hawaiʻi learners.

ke aloha,
HOPE Leadership Team

UH System: David Lassner, Garret Yoshimi, Hae Okimoto
Hawaii Association of Independent Schools: Phil Bossert
Hawaii Department of Education: Hilary Apana-McKee
Hawaiʻi P-20: Stephen Schatz, Nicole Atwood
Education Incubator: Miki Tomita